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CenOS 5 - 3Ware 9650SE

Re: CentOS 5 Not Recognizing 3Ware 9650SE PCI-E 4LPML x4 Raid 10 Configuration

Posted by jsharper on 2007/4/8 16:01:36

If I had to guess, it probably won't be supported in the stock kernel until at least 5.1. 3ware has posted rhel5/centos5 driver disks, but that probably won't help you for c5 beta. If you really want to install the beta on a 9650se, give the driver disk i made a try:

Re: CentOS 5 Not Recognizing 3Ware 9650SE PCI-E 4LPML x4 Raid 10 Configuration

Posted by WhatsHisName on 2007/4/12 23:00:40

Until the driver is built into the kernel, you will find it fairly convenient to compile a driver module from the 3ware source. The only catch is that you need a system running the same architecture and the updated kernel to make the new driver. The new drivers always seem to lag behind the kernel updates.

What’s described below worked for the 9550SX before the driver made it into the kernel package:

Get the driver source from the 3ware driver problems page, install gcc and then follow their compiling instructions. It’s usually as simple as untarring the tarball and then typing "make".

On your system with the controller, create the folder /lib/modules/<uname -r>/updates and copy the new driver (3w-9xxx.ko?) into the /lib/modules/<uname -r>/updates/ folder. Then run “depmod -v <new kernel <uname -r>>” (look at the depmod manpage if that didn’t make sense).

Last but not least, use mkinitrd to make a new initrd image(s) and then see if you can boot the new kernel.

After you do it the first time, it is fairly quick and painless to do it for the next kernel update.
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